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top GEAR


Telefunken V376 2ch, Telefunken 676 2ch, Telefunken 672 2ch, Neumann 472 2ch, Neumann v470 2ch, RME Fireface800. RME OctaMic.


Telefunken U373Bk, Drawmer LX20.


Telefunken W393, Telefunken W394, Telefunken W395.

FX module

Ensoniq DP/4, BigMuff, Loop Station, Boss DD3, Art ProVerb.

Musical Instrument

Squier Telecaster, Ibanez SG, Washburn DL111, Fender precision, Ibanez gio, Premier PK 1976, Drum Sound Equalized, "Tegliamin".

Keyboard, Synth & Controller

Yamaha DX7II, Piano Rhodes MKII, Novation Remote SL25. Bontempi Electric Organ, Korg DSS1, Crumar Multiman.

Recording System

Hard disk recording con Avid Pro Tools 9, Apple Logic, RME Fireface 800, Alesis ADAT, Macbook Pro 500gb, 4gb di Ram, Intel I7 2.8 ghz / Powerbook G4, 2gb Ram, PowerPC G4 1.67Ghz. Telefunken TS204.

Other interface

Mbox Mini, M-Audio Fast Track Pro.


Yamaha NS10m, Proel HAP10, AKG K99, AKG K221.


Shure SM57, Shure SM58, Sennheiser MD20, Sennheiser MD441, Sennheiser MD421, AKG D112, Sennheiser Drum Set, Bheringer B2 Pro, Subkick (NS20M speaker) and other more.

Groove box

Roland SPD8, Yamaha RY30.


AKAI S6000, Korg DSS1.


Andrea Brodi Sound Engineer / Designer / More



Odi et Amo

ILove funk music of George Clinton, Sly & Family Stone, Fishbone, Africa Funk e Red Hot Chili Peppers, tuscan and umbrian hills, my motorcycle as philosophy, the drum, the beat in the blood, Dylan Dog, the history, the sound synthesis, the progressive Music of Yes, King Crimson, Camel, Genesis, Emerson Lake e Palmer, Gentle Giant, Fender Telecaster, the knowledge of Michele "Parola" Pazzaglia, Nigel Godrich, Steve Albini, Rick Rubin, tube preamplifier, tapes for the sound, contemporary Music, the sound of Beatles and the Beatles, the old synthesizer, the vintage attitude, Pro Tools as reference sequencer, Reason as production software, Humility of Musicians for Passion, indipendence, vegetarians, those who don't go in disco, those who says "stop" and changes his life, the big knowledge of Sergio Taglioni, the little objects of Apple, John Lennon, Apm School as primal life experience, my past, my recording gears, the sun in the countryside, the FM synthesis, the knowledge of Francesco Bruni, the bass sound of Lino de Rosa, the knowledge of Francesco di Gesu', the gears of Sound Studio Service, AC Fiorentina, my old iPhone, the knowledge of Max Lotti, my old and nice Golf III, the right never be banal, the MIDI history, the cats, those who speaks about sport as a philosopher, '80, the Ken Shiro original theme, Dragon Ball, the artistic Loneliness in the middle of the earth, my sampler AKAI S6000, Sara, my Yamaha DX7II, my Telecaster, my Roland SPD8, my Piano Fender Rhodes, my home Sweet home, my "Tegliamin", my FX pedal, the cigarette when is right, Nicolas Cage, Serse Cosmi, the lager beer, the Irand Guinness, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, the hot and sweat in summer, those who Hate the umbrella, 7Cervelli and Nido del Cuculo production, Arezzo, Gubbio, Firenze, Torino e Livorno, my NS10MPRO, my stubbornness, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrik, Aky Kaurismaky, my weaknesses, not be too much extreme, those who not use Facebook, those who respond to the e-mails, my right to be Excellent, those who are Sensible and passionate.

IHate simply everything else.